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I’m all about the swoon. I love the excitement of a proposal, the giddy energy of a newly engaged couple, the look on a groom’s face when he first sees his bride, and most especially- the awe in each guest as they take in this whole experience we’ve provided to them.

I love to knock their socks off.

There’s something incredibly dream-like about the entire wedding process, from the proposal to the honeymoon. There’s just a little magic running through it. That’s why weddings are so special. Everyone is coming together to be giddy with you, to dance with you, to share in the awe.

My goal is to always capture that feeling… bottle it and serve it up to each guest. I want every person to feel honored to be invited to your celebration. Even your closest friends and family should leave feeling like they got to know you even better as a couple. This way, even the grandest of affairs still have an air of intimacy, and everyone in attendance, including the bride and groom, feels they have just experienced something more than just a party.

From the dancing to the decor, I will make your special day feel vibrant, spectacular, romantic, and most importantly personal. The key is to make it appear effortless, while I obsess over every single detail behind the scenes.

When it all comes together, your biggest concern on your wedding day will be whether or not to have another glass of champagne… and I’ll make sure that you do.

Tory Smith, Owner



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“Tory and her team are an absolute dream. Not only did she give us the most perfect, beautiful wedding day (and got it featured in a magazine!) but she became our lifelong friend. We always say we wish we could get married over and over just to work with her again. We love you, Tory!”

- Joelle + Adam

“We wanted to have more of a hands-off approach to planning, but still wanted a gorgeous wedding. Hiring smith + james was the best move we could have made. Tory is efficient, kept us laughing, and she delivered! We had the most beautiful, flawless wedding! “

- Danielle + Ryan

“Thank you Tory for giving us the wedding day of our dreams. We never could have imagined it could have been THIS GOOD. You are magic. We love you!”

- Kate + Joseph


Liz + Scott

November 2018

Private Estate | Newport Beach, CA

My husband and I owe our entire wedding to Tory and her team.

The weekend of our wedding was also the weekend the devastating Woolsey Fires destroyed Malibu. We were originally planning what was sure to be a breathtaking wedding at Saddlerock Ranch, but due to mandatory evacuations from Malibu and the actual fires sadly swallowing our venue - we were forced to re-think, re-plan, re-locate our entire wedding in less than 12 hours. This is why I say we truly owe our ENTIRE wedding to Tory. 

Tory is masterful. She was calm, collected, supportive, kind and caring. Once we were able to confirm our wedding could be held a family friend’s private home, Tory swooped in and literally re-planned our entire wedding - which we had been working on for about a year! - in less than a day. Tory’s amazing connections in the industry were one of the main reasons we are lucky to have worked with her, but also a huge part of why what could have been a sad, stressful day was ultimately such a success. She coordinated with everyone effortlessly. She transformed our friends’ home into a picture perfect, stunning wedding venue. She always checked in with us and made sure we were just OK. Without her, our wedding would have been lost. 

With her, we were given a wedding our guests thought could have been our first plan all along, not a last-minute plan B. She was a dream to work with throughout the entire planning process, taking all the characteristics of our personalities and our style and coordinating them into a beautiful expression of our relationship and our tastes.

We are so beyond lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Tory. It even sounds funny to say “work with” because Tory is so much more than a planner. She is a friend, a confidante, a trusted ally. Tory, we will cherish you for our lifetime. You are our dream come true! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jenna + Ben

September 2017

La Venta Inn - Palos Verdes, CA

I am not one of those girls who has dreamed of all the exact details of her wedding since she was a little girl. I wanted to wait until I found my other half and ensure the ceremony and the day were a representation of the two of us together. That said, when we got engaged, I still hadn’t given any thought to what the day could be.

Enter miracle-worker Tory! Through meeting with us in person, having us pull together inspiration ideas, and asking helpful questions to get to the root of what we were hoping for, she was able to craft the perfect wedding for us: an elegant, intimate-feeling event for our friends and family to share the love that Ben and I feel for each other.

While the selected venue was in my hometown, we wanted the day to feel equally both of us and Tory pulled in special touches throughout to accomplish that. Her attention to detail is immaculate, her vendor recommendations on point, and her attitude and enthusiasm through it all melts the stress away. She also helped us navigate difficult conversations with family members around the guest list. Flowers were a particularly important element to my mom (my parents were the benefactors of our wedding) and so Tory helped us work with the budget to reallocate and move things around to make sure immaculate floral arrangements were achieved.

My husband had the seemingly impossible idea of including exotic animals in our wedding. We thought this was so far fetched that there was no way it would actually happen, but Tory worked her magic and found a way to make the impossible possible!

Not only is Tory great on all of the planning and up- front pieces, but she cannot be beat when the day finally comes. I have had a lot of girlfriends talk about how stressed they were on their wedding day and all of the things they were concerned about. On our wedding day, I never once worried “will everything be set up correctly and go smoothly?”. Tory had my full trust and I got to spend the day the way you are supposed to - I had absolutely zero stress and truly got to enjoy the day and soak it all in.

The best wedding decision, after the engagement, we made was hiring Tory - not just for the day of, but the whole process - working with her to make our wedding beyond memorable and we gained a friend through the process!

Kathryn + Ian

NOVEMber 2017

Klentner Ranch | Carpinteria, CA

From the first phone conversation we had with Tory, we knew she was the right fit for us! My sister attended a wedding planned by Tory a year before our wedding and raved about how wonderful it was. So when it came time to find a wedding planner, smith + james was at the top of our list. It’s easy to see from photos of her work that Tory has impeccable taste and flawless design, but what you don’t see until you speak with her is how warm and genuine she is while also being punctual, organized, and completely knowledgeable about the industry and her craft. Working with Tory was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the wedding. There wasn’t a single idea she came up with that I didn’t love, and she even made our odd wishes (like my husband’s last minute request for a mariachi band for cocktail hour) come true. She made budgeting and deadlines as stress free as possible and was always an email or a phone call away whenever I got overwhelmed. On the wedding weekend, I was just as excited to see her again as I was for our special day. She has such a calm way about her that made everything run smoothly, and seemingly effortless. She helped us manage our time so we could visit each guest at the reception all while making sure we savored each moment of the experience too. She assembled the most amazing team for our day. From our invitations and food to our flowers and photos, everything was more beautiful than I ever dreamed it could be. In our first meeting, Tory asked us what was most important to us and we told her that we wanted our guests to have an enjoyable experience. She delivered! Our friends and family still talk about how beautiful and fun our wedding was and we owe that all to Tory! She is beautiful and fun and was a joy to work with.


MAY 2019


I thought I was a "detail person" until I met Tory. Quite simply, we could not have made our wedding happen without her. She is an actual magician -- she showed up and made what could have been the most stressful weekend of our lives into the most seamless. We had two different events over two days, at two very different locations where we had to bring in everything, from the hi-tops to the hand sanitizer (think: 40-plus vendors). She handled it all with preternatural calm, good humor, and ease, which allowed us to truly relax and be in the moment. Event planning is not for the faint of heart; we marveled at her ability to troubleshoot and pivot when needed, even when she'd been at it for hours. What's more, she is a pleasure to be around. I can't recommend her highly enough!