Photo by Sally Pinera

Photo by Sally Pinera

I’m all about the swoon. I love the excitement of a proposal, the giddy energy of a newly engaged couple, the look on a groom’s face when he first sees his bride, and most especially- the awe in each guest as they take in this whole experience we’ve provided to them.

I love to knock their socks off.

There’s something incredibly dream-like about the entire wedding process, from the proposal to the honeymoon. There’s just a little magic running through it. That’s why weddings are so special. Everyone is coming together to be giddy with you, to dance with you, to share in the awe.

My goal is to always capture that feeling… bottle it and serve it up to each guest. I want every person to feel honored to be invited to your celebration. Even your closest friends and family should leave feeling like they got to know you even better as a couple. This way, even the grandest of affairs still have an air of intimacy, and everyone in attendance, including the bride and groom, feels they have just experienced something more than just a party.

From the dancing to the decor, I will make your special day feel vibrant, spectacular, romantic, and most importantly personal. The key is to make it appear effortless, while I obsess over every single detail behind the scenes.

When it all comes together, your biggest concern on your wedding day will be whether or not to have another glass of champagne… and I’ll make sure that you do.

Tory Smith, Owner